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Steven H. Felderstein


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Presenter, "Chapter 11 Plan, Plan Confirmation," Practising Law Institute, Nuts and Bolts of Corporate Bankruptcy, New York City, NY, December 9, 2014.

Presenter, "Chapter 11 Plan, Plan Confirmation," Practising Law Institute, Nuts and Bolts of Corporate Bankruptcy, New York CIty, NY, December 10, 2013.


Co-Presenter, "Municipal Insolvencies in the Wake of Detroit: Navigating Chapter 9 and Out-of-Court Restructuring," Strafford Webinar, November 21, 2013.


Presenter, "The Impact of Bankruptcy on Real Property Transactions," California Continuing Education of the Bar, Sacramento, CA, January 14, 2012.


Presenter, “Year in Review: Bankruptcy Cases and Developments,” Sacramento County Bar Association, Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Section, 2003-2011.


Panelist, Chapter 9 Panel, National Association of Public Pension Attorneys Legal Education Conference, Portland, OR, 2009.



Crude Awakening: How Investors Fare in Oil and Gas Bankruptcy Cases, The NAPPA Report, April 2016.

Can Filing a Chapter 11 Save My Oil and Gas Business? FFWP Web Page, January, 2016. Click here for article.


Sacramento Business Journal featured Steven H. Felderstein on January 20, 2012.  Click here to view the article.


Single Asset Real Estate Cases, Program Handbook for 30th Current Developments in Bankruptcy & Reorganization (2008).


Representation of Individual and Small Business Debtors in Chapter 11, Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy Practice in California, California Continuing Education Publications (2003-2007)


Program Handbook for Understanding the Basics of Bankruptcy and Reorganization, Practising Law Institute (2002-2009).


Bankruptcy Court Recognizes Substantial Contribution of Public Pension Funds, The NAPPA Report, May 1998.


Bankruptcy by the Budget: Keeping Costs Under Control in Multimillion-Dollar Cases, Business Law Today, ABA Section of Business Law, May/June 1997 (Co-author).


New Bankruptcy Code Amendments Present Significant Opportunities and Responsibilities for Public Pension Funds, The NAPPA Report, February 1995 (Co-author).


Public Pension Funds Should be Allowed Membership on Creditors' and Equity Holders' Committees in Chapter 11 Reorganizations, April 1992 Norton Bankruptcy Law Advisor, April 1992 (Co-author).


Governmental Units as Persons for the Purpose of Official Committee Membership: A Call for Reform, 95 Commercial Law Journal 1 (1990) (Co-author).


Legal Malpractice - Is the Discovery Rule the Final Solution, 24 Hastings Law Journal 795 (1973).


Other Awards & Activities

Civic Commitment


Steve and his wife Sandra were recently featured in the Crocker Art Museum's membership magazine ArtLetter.  The article discussed their enthusiastic support of the Museum, especially the new wing and the additions to the California Impressionists collection.  Click here to view the article.

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